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How Does The Lead Feed's Digital Marketing Management Work?

For many owners, digital marketing is one of trickiest parts of owning their modern business.

Some businesses try to get their paid ads managed for lowest price possiible, hiring freelancers on "gig" sites like Fiverr who then make extremely low quality ads for them. This immediately wastes their money upon launch of their ad campaign, as the costs per click will naturally skyrocket from the low quality ad copy.

Alternatively, many business owners hire fancy full-service SEO/marketing agencies, which tend to help them acquire more customers successfully - but seem to always charge unreasonably high markups just because they can.
The Lead Feed is a proper middle ground: we manually develop a strategy, create high quality brand assets, analyze and optimize through various attribution channels, integrate the whole sales process as needed after the initial ad is clicked, and provide top-notch reporting on custom metrics - all at prices designed for small business owners who can't afford to pay extra fluff to a "boutique agency" for the same services.

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Don't pay freelance "digital marketing experts" to create and manage your business' digital advertising campaigns.

With The Lead Feed's digital marketing services, your digital marketing presence is curated by the same Florida-based team who manages marketing for multi-million dollar entities across a large amount of industries. This means you can enjoy the benefits of high-budget SEO without the ridiculous costs.

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We've helped thousands of businesses manually curate their SEO assets in order to boost their online web presence.
Here are a few of those stories in their words:

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